About Us

  • Experience your world in a never before seen dynamic

  • A game that gives you the true feeling of presence in different parts of the world with different animals representing those places. Each level consists of an animal that grabs the essence of the countries it is set in. Explore the different types of environments and virtually dive into the epic chase. Catch the animal of the respective level and further advance towards the next country unlocking the animal you catch.

    Save these national animals and use their abilities to help you advance further. Your quick thinking and maneuverability will be tested as you dive into an immersive experience with an indulging storyline that will keep you on your toes throughout the adventure.

Don’t miss the adventure of a lifetime

The adventure of the world awaits you, so don’t hesitate because the national animals of the world need your help, guide Boomer to face the virus spread by his brother Trigger. Save them and they will help you on your journey around the world, you are not alone.

With every animal saved boomer gets faster and more experienced. Use his speed against Trigger, face him with all the animals you’ve saved and the experience you’ve gained. The faster you are the closer you get to facing trigger. Become a hero for the world and fight the virus before it’s too late.