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A game for those who seek adventure as well as want to explore. The game that lets you travel around the world, exploring the different countries and saving their national animals.

The world has been plagued by a virus, spread by Trigger, Boomer’s evil twin brother. Boomer is all set to save the world’s national animals from this virus right in time before anything serious takes place.


  • The game is all about making the move in the fastest manner without losing out on crucial time. Boomer is destined to reach his destinations in time, complete the tasks given to him and save the country’s national animal. But he has to hurry-up, for time is of essence before Trigger’s released virus makes it way before Boomer does.

Explore the
Incredible Destinations

  • USA

    It’s time to take to the skies and save the American eagle from the virus. Let’s make America great

  • Australia

    Once Boomer is through with saving the world’s national animals, he returns to Australia for a face-off with Trigger.

  • UK

    Let’s head over to England, the land of the royals with palaces and culturally rich heritage and save the lion from the virus.